Car Trouble, or: That's Just How It Goes

We had three cars, so we donated the old Honda minivan to charity a week or so ago. Now, the Hyundai EV has developed a leaky tire, the Subaru is showing a Check Engine light for an intake valve solenoid issue, and we’re going into a busy week with both cars needing to make trips across town every day.

Because, of course, that’s just how it goes.

Under Construction

“Black and white photo looking down an office hallway toward a window. There are dark office spaces along the sides of the hallway. Doors, lights, and ceiling tiles have not been installed yet.”

One of the office spaces I use is expanding. The work will be done soon.

Les Voisins (photo)

Photo from overhead of people chatting in the street near a park.

Place Adolphe Max, Paris (IXe), France, 6 juin 2023.

Curiosity (photo)

Photo of a man in a suit peering in a window, while a security guard with her guard dog looks on from 25 feet or so away.

Denver Performing Arts Complex, May 23, 2023

Flatirons in the Distance (photo)

Square photograph of a brown, rolling prairie field with two sets of railroad tracks running through it, suburban office buildings in the distance, and the beginning of the Rocky Mountains behind those.

Fall 2018. Kodak Portra 400 (120 format), Yashica-D. At Lac Amora Park in Broomfield, Colorado, looking northwest.

Global Trepidation

Damir Marusic, in “Complacency and the Coming Storm” at Wisdom of Crowds:

“Autocracy versus democracy” does not usefully describe the moment. It feels like a discarded line from some kind of late-night brainstorming session. … No, it’s not about democracy versus autocracy. The wheels are coming off. Our predecessors bequeathed to us a period of unprecedented tranquility. They were not infinitely wise in getting us here — no wiser than we are. But we grew up used to it in ways they could never imagine. We assumed order was normality, that peace was what naturally arose when power-hungry hyperpowers minded their own business. A better and more just world was there for the taking, if only we were moral enough to push for it.

An exaggeration, perhaps; and yet, I find myself wanting to respond to the unfolding global disorder by just doubling down on my effort to focus on my regular daily life—work on client projects, get the kids to school and back and to appointments, clean the gutters, winterize the sprinklers, wash the dishes, sweep the floor. There is a lot to be said for the mental and spiritual health aspects of focusing on the now and just doing what one can. But at the same time, I have the nagging sense that there is more global disorder and disruption to come, that the U.S. government has been so hollowed out by partisan efforts to incapacitate it that it would not be able to respond, and that the U.S. economy would not be able to handle a major conflict in Asia—to say nothing of the military, which would be undersupplied due to the lack of a sufficient domestic production base.

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Stealthy Indeed

It seems that the F-35 is so stealthy that if the aircraft is separated from its pilot while in flight, the aircraft can no longer be found.

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